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Guideline 2021 Year in Review
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Guideline 2021 Year in Review

Kevin Busque

2021 was challenging, but it wasn’t without some silver linings. At Guideline, we reached 25,000 plans signed in November. On the small business front, we saw an increase in contributions and participation rates in 2021 despite all of the economic uncertainties. Both are really positive signs of the impact that easy, affordable retirement plans can have.

Be on the lookout for an in-depth report on Retirement Savings in a Pandemic in 2022. Until then, let’s look back on the year in retirement savings.

Guideline small business earners and savers
Guideline opened 4th office

We’re on a mission to help everyone save for retirement. If our mission sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we’re hiring across the board and ready to take off in 2022.