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Partnering with Brex to support startups and small businesses
Company news

Partnering with Brex to support startups and small businesses

Kevin Busque

Guideline started with the goal of creating a modern and affordable approach to retirement planning that works for businesses of every size, with an emphasis on startups and small businesses.

We’ve always looked to partner with innovative organizations that share our passion for eliminating antiquated obstacles that stand in the way of small business owners. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Brex to provide Guideline’s clients with more tools to make running their business even easier.

Brex is the first credit card for startups and modern businesses, with higher limits, no personal guarantee or security deposit required, and the most competitive rewards program on the market. Starting today, qualifying Guideline clients who sign up for a  Brex account will receive 50,000 signup bonus points and waived card fees for life.* Yes, you read that right: no fees for life. We’re thrilled to partner with an organization that feels the same way about fees that we do. And if you’re a current Brex cardholder but aren’t yet offering your employees a Guideline 401(k), we’ll waive our $500 setup fee.**

Brex is on a mission to rebuild financial products, starting with its card for technology companies. Brex helps companies of all sizes instantly get a credit card that has 20x higher limits, completely automated expense management, and a sleek integration with accounting systems.

Like Guideline did with 401(k)s, Brex reimagined every aspect of corporate credit cards, including underwriting, transparency, and approvals, to create a better experience for startups and small businesses.

*Terms and conditions apply.  For full offer details, see

**Terms and conditions apply.  For full offer details see