Give your clients a seamless 401(k)

Make 401(k) management easy with our affordable plans, dedicated support, and OnPay integration.

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401(k) plans your clients will love

  • Quick setup

    You and your clients can set up a Guideline 401(k) plan in just 20 minutes.

  • All in one experience

    Easy admin

    We take care of government filings, compliance testing, investment management, and more.

  • Affordable plans

    Your clients will get a 401(k) with low monthly costs, low-cost investment options, and no transaction fees.

Set your clients up with a Guideline 401(k) by joining Guideline Pro. There are no fees to join.

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Save time and hassle for your clients

Our platform securely syncs OnPay Payroll data with Guideline 401(k) data so any updates are reflected in both places automatically.

  • Automatic deductions

    401(k) contributions are automatically deducted each pay run. No need to maintain deductions or manually re-enter payroll data.

  • Guided employee onboarding

    When employees become eligible to join the plan, we’ll notify and enroll them and provide full support along the way. 

Manage their plans with ease

Guideline Pro is a free program for accounting professionals, bookkeepers, and CPAs. We combine technology and expertise to help you better guide your clients to a secure retirement. Learn more

  • Intuitive client dashboard

  • Plan management capabilities

  • Dedicated relationship manager

  • Retirement education

Guideline Pro dashboard

Add clients. Give rewards. Repeat.

Add clients.
Give rewards.

As a Guideline partner, you can receive savings for your firm and discounts to pass along to clients.

  • For your firm

    No employer fees for 6 months

    Open a new 401(k) for your firm or transfer your existing plan to Guideline and we’ll waive your employer fees for 6 months.

  • For your clients

    No employer fees for up to 6 months

    For each client you sign up, we’ll waive their employer fees for 4-6 months. The more clients you add, the bigger discount you can give.

Open an account in 20 minutes

  • 1

    Set up a Guideline Pro account

    Schedule a demo with our team or set it up on your own — there are no fees to join.

  • 2

    Add your clients

    Invite clients directly from your dashboard.

  • 3

    Design their plans

    Set them up yourself or work with your Relationship Manager to design their 401(k) plans.

Help your clients modernize their retirement plan — open a Guideline Pro account today.

See our Privacy Policy to learn how we use and protect your information.

Guideline at a glance

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    business clients

  • 2,500+

    advisor and accountant partners

  • $10B+

    assets under management

  • Fintech 50

Frequently asked questions

How does the client rewards program work?

When a client signs up for a Guideline 401(k) that’s connected to a Guideline Pro account, they’ll receive a discount from us. By adding more clients, accounting professionals can obtain higher tier status and pass along bigger discounts.

  • Under 3 clients - Preferred Tier
    Each new client pays no employer fees for 4 months
  • 3-14 clients - Premier Tier
    Each new client pays no employer fees for 5 months
  • 15+ clients - Elite Tier
    Each new client pays no employer fees for 6 months

I already have clients with a Guideline 401(k). Do they count toward my client total?

Yes, all existing clients will be included to determine your tier status.

Will my existing clients qualify for the rewards program discount?

The discount only applies to new plans added through your Guideline Pro dashboard on or after September 28, 2021.

My firm has a Guideline 401(k). Do I qualify for the 6-month offer?

Yes, as a valued Guideline partner, we’ll waive your firm’s employer fees for the next 6 months.

I'm not a CPA. Can I join Guideline Pro?

Yes, you can. You don’t need any type of accreditation, like CPA, to join. Guideline Pro is made up of financial professionals who want to help their clients set up retirement plans. This includes tax professionals, bookkeepers, CPAs, and more.

When will the discount apply? Will it be reflected on the monthly invoice?

The discount will start with your client’s first invoice.

Will I have a dedicated point of contact at Guideline?

Yes, you will be introduced to your dedicated Relationship Manager after you join Guideline Pro and connect to your dashboard.