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Guideline now integrated with RUN Powered by ADP®
Company news

Guideline now integrated with RUN Powered by ADP®

Kevin Busque

In March, we announced our integration with ADP Workforce Now®. Today, we’re expanding our partnership to include an integration with RUN Powered by ADP®, an offering designed to make payroll quick and automated, used by more than 500,000 small businesses. RUN’s cloud-based system automates the most complicated parts of payroll.

It also allows small business owners to safely access information pertaining to their business wherever they are. Now, whether you’re a team of 1 or 1,000 using ADP payroll software, it’s never been easier to offer your employees the ability to save for retirement.  

The integration works just like it does with ADP Workforce Now®. It transfers information from ADP to Guideline, making 401(k) contributions automatic and eliminating the need to manage employee enrollment and send payroll contribution reports every pay period.

The integration relieves many of the administrative burdens of the plan, allowing small business owners to spend time focusing on what’s most important: their business and its employees. Having payroll integrated directly with a retirement plan can also reduce unnecessary errors, which in the end leads to a lot of wasted time. To integrate RUN Powered by ADP® with Guideline, follow these instructions.

We’re proud to continue building our network of partners. Whether it’s Gusto, Square Payroll, Zenefits, Rippling, OnPay, and now ADP, Guideline makes enrollment and contribution easier than ever for small businesses by integrating with the services they trust.  

As we’ve stated before, the benefits of having integrated payroll with Guideline go beyond convenience. Our data indicates that employee participation in retirement plans is slightly higher when payroll is integrated as well.*  

If you have questions about what will be required to sync Guideline with your payroll provider, please email us at to get answers from a specialist.


* Based on our internal review of participation rates of integrated and non-integrated employer-sponsored 401(k) plans that were Guideline clients as of March 9th, 2019. Participation rate is defined as the fraction of employees having access to plans that participate in them.