Simplify your 401(k)

Connecting your payroll with Guideline can help make plan administration seamless and secure.

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Connect with your favorite payroll provider

We integrate with top payroll providers so employers can easily find their payroll, connect their plan and build a 401(k) that’s straightforward and impactful.

  • Payroll connected
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  • 401(k) contributions processed
  • New eligible employee
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Save time and hassle each payroll run and the days in between

  • Automatic deductions

    401(k) contributions are automatically deducted each payroll run. No need to maintain deductions or manually re-enter payroll data.

  • Seamless onboarding

    When employees become eligible to join the plan, we’ll notify and enroll them, plus provide financial education and support.

Secure integration powered by technology

We are continually developing and optimizing our software to help increase security, reduce errors, and minimize manual tasks. And in the end, to provide you with peace of mind.

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    Secure APIs

    Direct connectivity with your payroll provider can help safeguard your company data and reduce operational and administrative errors.

  • A visual representation of security and ease of access provided by Guideline 401(k)'s single sign-on feature.

    Single sign on

    Convenient and secure, single sign-on means there’s no need to re-enter a different password every time.

  • A visual representation of the accuracy and real-time updates of Guideline 401(k)'s real-time sync feature

    Real-time sync

    Have confidence that your 401(k) and payroll data are accurate and up to date each payroll run.

Self-serve plans

Don’t see your provider? No problem.

If your payroll provider isn’t listed above, you can still open a Guideline 401(k). Our self-serve portal lets employers upload a payroll report and even process certain corrections. Once submitted successfully, subsequent payroll runs should be seamless.

Email us at to get started.

  • Compatible with regular and off-cycle payroll runs
  • Visibility and status of previously uploaded payrolls
  • Guideline supplies aggregated 401(k) info

Frequently asked questions

What does third-party administrative access enable Guideline to do?

With third-party administrative access, we can update employee rosters, manage contributions and pull reporting on your behalf to administer your plan.

Which payroll providers can be connected with third-party administrative access?

As of May 2024, these payroll providers include: BambooHR, iSolved. Justworks PEO, Namely, Paychex, Paycom, Paycor, and Primepay. Other payroll providers listed above have an integration with Guideline and require no third-party administrative access.

Can I decline to provide third-party administrator access to Guideline?

You can, but you would have to open up a self-service 401(k) plan. For self-service plans, Guideline will handle most 401(k) administrative tasks, including processing deductions, but you will be responsible for importing transaction and employee details into your 401(k) and maintaining deductions in payroll. Reach out to our team to learn more.

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