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Many employers overlook payroll integration when picking their 401(k). Without it, employers are responsible for maintaining deductions, tracking eligibility and manually entering data—wasting time and causing errors.

At Guideline, we’ve created a truly integrated platform that automatically syncs employee activity between Guideline and top payroll providers—delivering a seamless 401(k) experience.

Why payroll integration matters

  • Quick

    Less work for employers

    We'll securely import your employees’ data, track eligibility and enroll them. There’s no need to manually re-enter data or update deferral rates.

  • Better process for employees

    Better process for employees

    Employees can change contribution rates, request a loan or a hardship withdrawal—all on our simple, user-friendly dashboard.

  • Automated experience for everyone

    Automated experience for everyone

    401(k) contributions are automatically deducted each pay run. We’ve also automated government filings, compliance testing—even account rebalancing.

360 integration partners

At its simplest, 360 integration means we’re talking to our payroll partners all the time—syncing your data daily, often in real time. So when an employee changes their 401(k) contribution, payroll will know. And when you add a new employee, we’ll know, too. Automatically.

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180 payroll sync

With 180 payroll sync, you’ll need to ensure your payroll information is accurate and up to date, and give us third-party admin access. From there, we’ll sync your transaction and employee details with payroll—taking a huge plan administration task off of your plate.

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  • Paychex
  • Paycom
  • Paycor
  • Paylocity

Self-service payroll sync

If your payroll provider isn’t listed above, you can still open up a Guideline 401(k). But you will be responsible for keeping your payroll system up to date with all 401(k) information. If you have questions about how you can sync Guideline with your payroll provider, email us at


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