Managed portfolios

Start investing with a guide

We’ve created 6 different managed investment portfolios. Each one is diversified and aligns with a range of ages and risk tolerances so you select what works for you.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer target date funds?

We do not at this time. We keep fees low by building the portfolios ourselves, while providing the flexibility to choose investments that serve a shorter or longer term investment strategy. Read more here

Can I trade individual stocks?

No, Guideline does not accommodate for outside brokerages and trading of individual stocks. Participants will be able to choose their investment options from our Fund Menu or select from one of our managed portfolios shown above.

Does Guideline provide investment advice?

As a robo-advisor, once a 401(k) plan participant completes a simple questionnaire, Guideline recommends one of our six professionally managed portfolios composed of mutual funds via our proprietary software. Guideline does not provide individual investment advice.

Are my employees able to pick where to invest their funds?

Yes, each eligible employee will have access to their own personal Guideline dashboard, where they will be able to view the details of their retirement savings and choose how to invest.

When setting up their Guideline 401(k) account, they will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will then suggest one of six Guideline Managed Portfolios to them, ranging from conservative to aggressive. Alternatively, they can choose to build their own portfolio from our fund menu. They can change their deferral amounts and investment choices at any time.