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Common questions for uncommon times

Common questions for uncommon times

Nicolle Willson, J.D., CFP®, C(k)P®

As an investor, it’s natural to review your investment strategy in today’s economic climate—whether you’re thinking about your retirement timeline, risk tolerance, or overall market conditions.

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the last few months and found resources that can hopefully help provide some answers.

How do I assess the risk in my investments?

What does Guideline do to help participants during a bear market?

I have a 401(k) at another financial institution, is this a good time to roll it over to my Guideline 401(k)?

What type of funds does Guideline provide?

Does Guideline have financial advisors who can help choose a portfolio?

Can I move all funds into cash for a while and then switch into a different portfolio at any time? Why does my reallocation not happen immediately after I make the change?