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Guideline 401k
Guideline 401k

Get a small business 401(k) that gives you more

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    Simplify your day-to-day

    At Guideline, we’ve teamed up with top providers—like Gusto, QuickBooks and Square—to automate plan administration and employee onboarding. We also take care of investments, government filings, and more.

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    Customize your plan

    With a Guideline 401(k), you have more options. Employer matching, profit sharing, vesting schedules, eligibility requirements—you can add these features to fit your business and create a stronger retirement benefit.

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    Help employees save 3x more

    With a 401(k), your employees can contribute more than they could with an IRA. With a Guideline account, they’ll get access to low-cost investments and pay no transaction fees.

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    Give your employees confidence

    We provide 40+ investment options and professionally managed portfolios. We also provide educational webinars, portfolio recommendations, and live support—so your employees can start saving with confidence.

Maryland retirement mandate, explained

MarylandSaves is a retirement savings program created to encourage more people to save for retirement. It will require employers who have been in operation for at least 2 years and have at least 1 employee to provide access to a retirement program

As an employer, you can choose the type of plan you’d like to offer: the state-sponsored programs or a qualified private plan, like a Guideline 401(k).

  • Businesses impacted

    1+ employee

Compare a Guideline 401(k) with MarylandSaves

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  • Retirement plan / program type


    Roth IRA

  • Maximum employee contributions for 2023



  • Monthly employer fee

    Starting at $49/month + $8 per active participant


  • Investment options



  • Profit sharing



  • Employer match




Estimate your plan costs

If you’re starting a new 401(k), your small business may be eligible to receive up to $16,500 in tax credits over the plan’s first three years to help offset initial plan costs.

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Maryland retirement mandate FAQs

What is the mandate?

Maryland employers will be required to offer their employees some sort of retirement savings, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Been in operation for at least 2 calendar years
  • Have at least one W-2 employee
  • Use an automated payroll system

When does the mandate take effect?

MarylandSaves is scheduled to launch September, 2022.

Does Guideline satisfy the retirement mandate?

Yes. Guideline's 401(k) plans are designed and priced with small businesses in mind. Starting a Guideline 401(k) will satisfy the Maryland retirement mandate.